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Technical Demolition Services Limited,
Head Office:
Dock Road South, Bromborough
Wirral CH62 4SQ, United Kingdom
telephone: ++44 151 666 1272
fax: ++44 151 666 1624


Glasgow Office:
Unit 1, Springhill Drive South
Glasgow Business Park
Glasgow G69 6GA
Telephone: 0141 314 3989


Technical Demolition Services Limited is licensed for Asbestos removal operations, as required by the Control of Asbestos at Work Regulations 2006.

With over twenty seven years asbestos removal operating experience, in many parts of the world, Technical Demolition Services are well established Licensed Asbestos Removal Contractors offering high value, low cost solutions to Clients on all commercial and industrial applications.

Working to meet the strict legislation criteria set by the European Parliamentary Directives, the United Kingdom Legislation, and regulations stipulated by our International Client’s government objectives, the company’s ability to work to high standards has been rewarded by awards given by our peers and Safety Industry Bodies.

We at Technical Demolition Services Limited offer removal and remediation services to clients demanding the highest level of technical ability, standards of safety and environmental sustainability.  Our asbestos consultants provide cost effective methodology for the stripping and handling of all types of asbestos materials from those bound in a matrix such as ‘asbestos cement’ to the extremely fibrous products found in sprayed on limpet and lagging.

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