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Technical Demolition Services Limited,
Head Office:
Dock Road South, Bromborough
Wirral CH62 4SQ, United Kingdom
telephone: ++44 151 666 1272
fax: ++44 151 666 1624


Glasgow Office:
Unit 1, Springhill Drive South
Glasgow Business Park
Glasgow G69 6GA
Telephone: 0141 314 3989


We at Technical Demolition Services Limited specialise in environmental regeneration ensuring difficult sites are suitable for development.  Decontamination and remediation of heavy industrial use land is a key factor where land is a high value commodity.

Our highly skilled in-house remediation team enjoys a wealth of technical and practical knowledge and experience ensuring TDS have a proven track record in the reclamation of contaminated sites utilising a diverse range of remediation techniques to reduce the outdated ‘excavate and export’ scenario.

Our proven track record as one of the leading UK site decontamination contractors has been developed through working for major blue chip companies on oil, petro chemical, gas facilities as well as heavy industrial sites throughout the UK. 

Land remediation activities covered by Technical Demolition Services Limited include:

      Academic research (e.g. subsurface modelling, biosensors, bioremediation,
       water pollution, composting)

      Contract research (e.g. treatability studies, remediation trials, product development & testing)

      Laboratory analysis (e.g.) environmental, microbiological, ecotoxicological,
       Waste Acceptance Criteria)

      Consulting & Contracting Services (e.g. waste management options, geophysical investigations,    
        remediation of soil and water)



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